Freestanding Emergency Departments are trending across the country, providing care that urgent care centers cannot, while also being more accessible to communities. The desire for this center was to have no view-obstructing support columns in its open-concept front lobby; the innovative solution involved integrating tubular columns into the exterior glass curtainwall system so that the supports of the swooping roof are not visible.

The Weber campus center supports Davis Hospital. In terms of architecture, the center blends into the community with its simulation of Utah mountain peaks. Soaring dramatically, the two-story lobby of the one-story facility features textures of stone, brick, wood, and warm wood-look finishes. Lean processes were utilized in the design of the facility, representing the ultimate in flexibility, convenience, efficiencies, and the integration of physicians. The emergency center provides emergency services, outpatient lab and radiology, and women’s diagnostics. Positioned for growth, it is designed for incremental expansions as needed.

Photos © Kieran Reynolds Photography