Averaging about 1,000 visitors per day, this public library stands as the centerpiece of a 40-acre community park. The one-story facility contains a double-height reading room and a children’s library. A periodicals room near the lobby features a large stone fireplace and generous windows for views of the countryside. As a service to the community, a 5,000 square foot meeting hall is accessible through the outside lobby for after hours outside events.

The library’s ridge location allows it to be slightly raised, giving designers inspiration for the building to face converging streets, with the front door at the apex. The public function image is expressed by the front of the building, while the rear is more open, allowing plentiful views and light into the reading areas. Large roof overhangs help block direct sunrays. In contrast to the stone and glazing of the exterior, metal panels add a contemporary element. Interior spaces are arranged around a 30 x 30 grid for flexibility.

To accommodate increased user volume and expanded services, the library was renovated a decade after opening. In addition to doubling the audio-visual collection, increasing the teen and adult collection, and expanding seating, computer labs, and study areas, the children’s library was considerably expanded using a whimsical park theme, which includes nature murals, trees, woodland animals, and a park-bench pathway leading to a wonderland of books.

Phase 1 Photos © Robt. Ames Cook; Phase 2 Photos © Kyle Dreier Photography