This contemporary speculative office project offers a unique approach to cost-efficient design that provides the surrounding community with high quality and affordable office space. The simple, rectangular shape of the office building provides for efficient floor plans and the architectural skin creates a fresh look to the building’s exterior. Different architectural elements and various window types break up the massing and add interest to the façade, while an entry trellis and wood panels on the building’s exterior add warmth and interest.

Use of curtainwall in conjunction with regularly spaced ribbon windows to maximize impact provides interior office spaces with natural light and creates a cost-conscious façade. Selectively limiting glass heights also supports increased sustainability goals. Located directly adjacent is a 100,000-square-foot self-storage building designed to complement the new office building. To prevent a highly dense site from feeling too overpowering, a landscaped courtyard between the two buildings will provide additional amenity space and human scale. The site also includes 312 parking stalls, which includes covered parking on the ground floor of the office building.