Located at a primary corner that many consider the gateway into Downtown Nashville, the 36-story hotel project encompasses an entire city block between 1st and 2nd Avenues on Korean Veterans Boulevard (KVB). Two different hotel brands, totaling nearly 700 guest rooms, are housed in two separate towers. The front tower is designed to meet luxury Four Diamond hotel standards with nearly 500 guest rooms and luxury suites, while the second tower is designed to accommodate the millennial-driven market as a life-style hotel providing 200 guest rooms. The project includes 37,000 square feet of meeting space, retail, a luxury spa, fitness center and a variety of food and beverage outlets, including a sky bar on the top floor of the luxury hotel.

The project approach is designed as a welcoming gesture to Nashville’s visitors. The entirety of street frontage along the major corridor down to KVB is committed to pedestrian activity. Curb cuts have been relegated further into the block allowing for maximum flexibility with 12,000 square feet of retail space facing the street. The lobby of the luxury hotel is split level between the pedestrian entrance along KVB and the vehicular approach from Hermitage Avenue to the east.

The site is located between 1st Avenue, historically Nashville’s industrial, gritty back-of-house that faces the river, and the shop-lined 2nd Avenue. Architectural expression of the two hotels matches this duality with different fenestrations and materialities. The life-style brand hotel on 1st Avenue harkens to the historic context with a façade of rough stone and warm brick. Conversely, the luxury brand hotel features glass, metal panel and smooth stone. The hotel tower’s dynamic, twisting glass element gestures a “pulled back” moment to signify the curtain that is being drawn to reveal the stage of Nashville.