Utilizing historical precedents, this new hotel re-imagines the sense of arrival to the City of Nashville, Tennessee’s, “theaters of old” within context of its rapidly changing Downtown neighborhood. Marquee signage, and other features of the 23-story, contemporary hotel, are inspired by the Tennessee Theater—the city’s last grand, historic theater which once stood in close proximity. The garage screen mimics backlit signage marquees of the era and is reminiscent of the Tennessee Theater’s old signage, which once spanned nine stories of its Art Deco style building. The porte-cochere welcomes hotel patrons in the soft lighting found in many modern theater lobbies, while the playful window patterning on the tower above represents each guests’ unique journey to 127 Rosa L. Parks and Nashville.

Located on a tight site with an existing alley, the building spans over the alley to maximize square footage and retain vehicle throughput. Passing underneath the building, the portecochere exits onto the alley to provide flexibility for patron arrival and the delivery of services. The project incorporates two separate hotel brands that serve different clientele. To create individual arrival sequences within a shared structure, all 424 guest rooms are contained within the tower structure, while separate hotel entrances—each complete with designated drop-offs, lobbies and elevator banks—are located on opposite sides of the block. To further differentiate the two brands, the west block is lower in scale to respond to its immediate surroundings, while the tower fronts the major thoroughfare for which the hotel is named. Amenities include a rooftop pool, elevated hotel lobby with restaurant, 14,000 square feet of meeting space, 2,500 square feet of event space and ground floor retail space.