Tom has nearly 40 years of experience working in a diverse range of positions and leadership roles within the field of architecture. Since joining ESa in 2002, he has been involved in various medical projects nationwide—new hospitals and freestanding facilities and also additions and renovations to existing facilities. He has an abundance of experience in coordinating job production, activity and progress on many of ESa’s larger projects—from initial planning, through contract document production and assisting with construction observation. Over time, Tom’s role has become that of a “Building Envelope Specialist” for the firm. Tom focuses on the many performance issues with which a building’s envelope must comply, and provides assistance and guidance to active project teams on a daily basis.

Tom believes that “buildings provide the environment in which people live and work, but architecture inspires people to do those things well.” He feels that architects have responsibilities to not only clients, but also to the public at large to help build a better future. Tom is a member of ESa’s Standards Committee, which is responsible for research into new building system and materials and the creation of standard reference support details. Tom also plays a role in the development and presentation of in-house educational programs that assist with the professional development of younger staff members.

A member of the national, state and local AIA chapter, Tom helped establish a “Building Enclosure Council” for the AIA Middle Tennessee chapter—this was one of this first 20 or so chapters ever formed. He is also a member of the Tennessee Society of Architects and NCARB certified. In his personal time, Tom’s favorite pastime is golf. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tennessee in 1977.