Jim is a Senior Project Manager with over 25 years of experience coordinating job production, activity and progress on various medical projects across the country. Jim joined ESa in 1992, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from the University of Tennessee in 1985. He also earned an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology from Roger Williams University (Bristol, Rhode Island) in 1981.

At ESa, Jim seeks to provide exceptional client service, mentor younger architectural staff to become qualified architects and produce projects that meet or exceed clients’ expectations. Jim’s personal design philosophy is three-fold: take the client’s ideas and place them on paper (so the client can see their vision), prepare 3-D graphics (so the client can understand their vision) and prepare documents (so that the client’s contractor can build their vision).

Jim is typically involved in various phases of a project, ranging from initial planning through the production of contract documents and construction administration. He has extensive experience in acute care design, including ER, outpatient services, critical care units, surgical procedure suites and behavioral health design. He also leads the coordination efforts with local and state agencies. When not in the office, Jim enjoys photography, playing with his dogs and traveling to the beach and to Europe.