Audio + Architecture: The Job Shadow of a Lifetime

ESa principals, David Minnigan and Randy Nale, provided a Belmont University student the opportunity to job shadow through various phases of the Fisher Center for Performing Art’s construction.

Belmont student, Olivia Hobbs, motivated by her love of audio engineering and architecture, attended the university to pursue a degree in audio engineering. Initially, she was unsure of how she could combine her two interests. Fortunately, her time at Belmont overlapped with the construction of the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts.

The ESa designed state-of-the-art performance center, provided the perfect opportunity for Olivia to embrace her two passions. With the guidance of David and Randy, she was able to see how audio engineering and architecture intertwine. David describes this opportunity aptly, illustrating how “She had the opportunity to see how the building came up from the ground, almost like an anatomy lab, but for architecture.” This hands-on approach is an example of the impact that experiential learning can have at encouraging and fostering interest in the A/E/C field.

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